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The opportunity is right here right now for us to ratify communication within social discourse and beyond. So to start seeing mutually beneficial solutions between our multitude of differences.

The Homeschool Exercise

Here is an introduction + exercise document for homeschool children and parents who wish to participate in the New Standard Dictionary project.

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We are currently looking for:

- Event organisers who want this project presented to a wider audience.
- Educators in literacy, linguistics and psychology to offer critical analysis.
- Home school parents and networks to trial sample exercises.
- Web developers to help us build a suitable site with group forum.  

The Psychology

Our use of language, the way we think, and how we interpret the world are all interconnected things that inform and influence one another.

Being mindful of this maintains awareness of the difference between reality and imagination, otherwise a person is prone to becoming delusional. This aspect of a persons mental health influences the logic in their communication. It can be seen especially when the meaning of a sentence relies on objective/subjective expressions for context.

If you've ever been frustrated during a discussion and realised the other person expressed their opinion as a statement of fact, that's what I'm talking about. There are more examples, like "Social Distancing" which is an oxymoron (logical contradiction) because it's anti-social to be distancing from others. This kind of language is widespread now, and it's important to recognise and talk about it. If we let it pass, the subconscious learns to accept broken logic.

So it stands to reason that simple exercises involving separating objective and subjective expressions in language would help one maintain a grasp on reality and truth, while avoiding propaganda and confusion.

That is the underlying premise of how and why a project like the New Standard Dictionary is so important for community and humanity moving forward.

The Process

1. Redefine the definition of the word definition so it has more definition than most other dictionaries. (This is easy!)
2. Register interest in the project among freedom, home-school and common law communities.
3. Propose a bylaw for this to become the new standard of dictionary to represent the community and the assemblies/committees that serve them.
4. Develop website with simple instructions/methods of language analysis for appropriate age groups, allowing for the project to extend to the etymology (history) of words and usage of legal or lawful terms.
5. Ensure security for registered members and integrity of data to avoid breaches. This project seeks to build a community defence against propaganda, indoctrination and subversive manipulation.
6. Display community feedback and suggestions on a real-time online forum as a live development resource, which involves the following process:

a. Take word entry from existing dictionary. Parents and children choose difficulty level.
b. Evaluate existing meaning with peers and parents.
c. Upload suggestions for minor changes to entries based on 1. and 4. where possible.
d. Upload suggestions for “re-categorisation” based on 1. and 4. when 6.c. is not possible.
e. Community openly discusses suggestions for appropriate and effective changes.
f. Propose and vote for specific entry suggestions in bylaw to be recognised as official.
g. Official entries credited to children whose suggestions led to approvals.
h. Repeat process from 6.a. until existing words and terms are exhausted of suggestions.

7. For the first time in recorded history, the current generation of children will inform the creation of a more accurate level of communication than the generation of “scholars and academics” that directly preceded them.

The Flyers

Print on A4 and cut down the middle for 2x A5 flyers.
Email if you'd like a format suitable for double sided printing.

The Detailed Video Presentation

It's kinda long. Skip to the chapters that interest you the most.

The First Interview

Art from WhatTheActual interviews Fahad Mian on 30th April 2022 about Common Law, Truth, Language, God, Science, and The New Standard Dictionary Project.

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The Second Interview

Livestream interview with Dave Guru and Caz about the New Standard Dictionary project. Dave Guru organised the freedom camps at Canberra in early 2022 and gave daily speeches there. Skip to approx 3:30 to get past the intro.
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